Your next city council will have to solve these problems on day one

  • How will we recover this city?

  • How will we deliver city services in a responsible way?

  • How will we hold ourselves accountable to our real boss – you.

It’s beyond vital that each ward be represented by a councillor with experience making tough, data-driven decisions. Someone who listens to all perspectives, and someone who is ready to act.


                  I’m Cornelia Wiebe—and I am that person for Ward 8.


  • I’m a fact-based decision maker. It requires me to ask questions and gather information from all angles by looking through the lens of others. It’s why I’m unafraid to make strong decisions—and defend them—to serve Calgarians inside and outside of our ward. 


  • I’m decisive. Once all the facts have been considered, I act. It’s how we create momentum to solve this city’s challenges.


  • I’m pragmatic. I know when it’s time to lead, time to listen, time to pitch in, and time to work collaboratively.


  • I’m focused on service. Being a city councillor isn’t about publicity, it’s about serving constituents and leading this city through a challenging time. I want to be known as a tireless advocate for the Calgarians in my ward. To me, this job is about service – and little else.