Cornelia Wiebe is the Owner of a local business in Calgary's 17th Avenue district. It has been a gathering place for inner-city Calgarians for over 20 years and provided Cornelia the opportunity to stay connected to the pulse and needs within her Ward 8 community.

Upon completing her Bachelor's Degree at the University of Winnipeg, Cornelia spent time traveling globally and ultimately chose Calgary to be her home. Today, she is married and is raising her two teenage children, all within the Ward 8 community.

With 20+ years in the Retail industry, Cornelia has successfully navigated the business landscape in Western Canada. Engaging with local communities, she's learned to adapt to challenging market conditions while maintaining a collaborative approach focusing on ethical production and sustainable practices.

Cornelia has always been engaged in civic matters, supporting the Uptown 17th Avenue revitalization and rebrand, and is an active member within the Ward 8 small business community.

The decision to run for City Councillor of Ward 8 in 2021 stems from Cornelia's belief that everyone deserves to be heard.  She is focused on an inclusive, sustainable and transparent future.