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Economic Leadership

I know what it takes to be economically resilient and I will take that experience and use it at City Hall. We cannot underestimate the role of small business. They provide services and amenities for local residents, add to safe streets and ensure vibrant communities. In the future, local businesses will play a large role in supporting environmental initiatives by reducing carbon emissions and waste. 95% of Calgary businesses are small businesses because we are a city of innovators and entrepreneurs. We need a leader who recognizes that, fosters that and motivates that at City Hall and I will be that leader.


Planning + Investing

I have a high level of understanding regarding financial matters including how we plan, invest and grow things. Our economic growth is paramount to the success of this city. We need a leader with real life experience on City Council and I am that leader. I know how to balance a budget while continuing to make investments because I have done it and I will continue to do it at City Hall. I am known for being an economically driven, fact based decision maker, and I will continue this practice in decision making at City Hall.


Accountability + Transparency

City Councillors work for their residents. They are in service to the momentum and potential as citizens, as economic drivers, as families and communities. I understand that because I live here, I work here and I am raising a family here. City Council is the place that emboldens community and creates opportunity. I will go to City Council and work for the residents of the ward, even when it’s hard and exhausting and I will always speak up for you and all of us.

I will work tirelessly to bring a culture of stability to City Council.

About Cornelia
About Cornelia